Maïté Louisy - INTERVJU

Maite Louisy 30, is originally from France and used to ride BMX, now she lives in Sweden and is a hardcore skateboarder. Maite won the Swedish championship in bowl 2020 and is well know on the contest scene. Maite recently bought a house in Snogeröd, Skåne with her wife Sofia and if everything goes as planned they new family member comes later this year!!

1, Why did you move to Sweden?

I came to Lund to do a PhD. I was curious about Scandinavian culture, I came looking for Heavy Metal Vikings, but instead, I found the nicest, caring people, and never left 😊 

2, How long have you been skateboarding and why did you start?

It has been 13 years now. I actually started with skimboarding one summer and at the end of the season my friend convinced me to start skateboarding. I was a bit reticent because I knew that I have no limits and was afraid to hurt myself riding on actual concrete… But I padded up completely from the start, I broke my helmet in the first month, but then, I actually made it so far without breaking my bones!

3. Sponsors? How is magnus as a team manager?

I ride for Unable, Magnus is very nice. He listens to my opinions and I feel that I have my say in the direction of the brand and our values. The company that I work at (as an engineer): Sigma Connectivity, has also been very supportive, sponsoring me to go to competitions, even to the Dew tour in LA!

4. When is your new board coming out?

Magnus and I have already agreed on the design. The release date is quite uncertain though due to COVID, production is complicated…

Dr Maite är en asgrym skejter, uppfinningsrik och orädd med massa energi. Ofta ett stort leende. Trevlig och en sjuhelsikkes bra förebild för nya generationer skejtare. Ett sjävlfallet val för ProModel för Unable Skateboards
- Magnus Palm, Unable skateboards

Maïté SpiderBowl 2021

5. What’s your job?

I am an optics engineer. I design small cameras for all kinds of products connected to the cloud.

6. How is a normal day for you?

Wake up, feed the cat, eat breakfast, go to work. Then when work is over, all kind of things can happen: hit the skatepark for 4h, or go horse riding, or go wave surfing, or mountain biking, or go to a heavy metal concert, or jam with my friends, or just crash on the couch because I used my muscles so much that I cannot move anymore…

7. You are married to another skater… Tell us about Sofia,….how did you meet?

During my PhD, I was teaching labs at the University and Sofia happened to be one of my students. She didn’t skate then, but I introduced her to it and she quickly became addicted! Now this is something that we share and enjoy together.

Sofia om Maite

100 % dedikerad. På allt liksom. Allt från att hänga tvätt så snabbt som möjligt till att göra en veckas arbetsuppgifter på en timme till att intensivt skejta tills hon stupar (varje gång) till att vara världens bästa fru till mig. Har inte kapaciteten att göra nått halvdant. Hatar därmed intensivt vardagssysslor. Är för repetitivt. Slår hellre ner än vägg! - Sofia Louisy

8. Whats the plans with the new house?

Live in it? Get a horse 😊 I enjoy being in nature a bit away from the city.

9. You won Swedish Olympic qual in may 2019 Värnamo…. Tell us about the contest

The contest was a lot of fun, the crowd was great and everybody was there! I skated very well, the enthusiasm of the crowd got to me and unleashed some of this extra punch in my skating that I only get in contests.

10. You went to first international olympic qual in US. How was that?

It was a bit disappointing I must admit. They made us ride before the contest opened to the public… So there was no audience, not even a speaker. I love contests because I love the crowd, you remove that, there is only the stress left and that’s not so nice. 

Actually, the girls had no audience even for the quarter finals, quite outrageous.

But I got to meet so many great skaters there, there were girls from all over the world that had qualified in their countries and were also not used to big international contests. So many different styles of skating and attitudes. I loved that part! But as many of them, I realized that these big contests are not really for me. So I decided to focus on Swedish contests where I always have a good time! Skateboarding is for fun and not even the Olympics are worth sacrificing that.

Vert Attack, Malmö

11. Favourite places to skate?

Bryggeriet for sure! Then I also like the Vans park in Hyllie a lot, then there is Folkets park, which to this date is still the best miniramp I ever skated, the curve is simply perfect! I like Stehag too, especially with the latest upgrades, it is such a flow park!

Kroksbäck Skatepark

12. What do you think about the Swedish Corona strategy?

I don’t have much to say. I am not an expert in contagious diseases so I trust what the experts decide with all the info they have in hand and try to follow their recommendations.

13. Last words?

Wear pads! It makes you dare more to try new tricks, so you develop faster, and if you crash, you still get to skate the next day 😊

My biggest regret is that one day when I was a beginner, we went to a fancy park and there were all these good skaters there and I was a bit self-conscious and ashamed and I decided not to wear my pads. I fell on my knees and they filled up with liquid and I have been having recurrent problems since then. It was not worth it, at all!

Best, Maïte


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